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Mayor John Tory and Members of City Council

I am writing as a concerned resident. I am opposed to the Garden Suites OPA and Bylaw as approved by City Council.

I request that you vote to re-open the matter and send it back for meaningful mediations to discuss the following key concerns:

  • The By-law allows garden suites that are too big, too high, too deep (basements), too close to neighbours, and allows for destruction of the primary residences;
  • The By-law will contribute to loss of tree canopy and green space that is vital to reducing the negatives effects of climate change and meeting Council’s commitment to reach zero emission goals;
  • The By-law is “one size fits all” without considering the varied and different neighbourhoods across the city;
  • “As of right” designation results in no input or notice to adjacent neighbours with minimal protection for boundary and private backyard trees;
  • The By-Law, as written, may result in major unintended changes in the character of neighbourhoods;
  • The By-Law creates an uneven playing field where developers can and will outbid regular home buyers; encouraging tear-downs of primary residences such as duplexes and triplexes resulting in renovictions and loss of rent-controlled units; and
  • The By-law has been passed by Council without adequately informing tenants and homeowners of the properties you are rezoning or providing for meaningful input from those most affected.

Each of the above is unacceptable to me as a resident of Toronto.

Please put this approval on pause and open up the process to making the reasonable changes required by homeowners and tenants alike.

Yours sincerely…

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Letter to the Mayor and City Councillors - Garden Suites

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